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day passes

Day & annual passes

Visit for a day, memories for a lifetime!

Our iconic inland parks offer day and annual passes, meaning you can enjoy an amazing waterside day out and still head home afterwards.

How to purchase a day or annual passes:

Day and annual passes are available to purchase from each park's reception or over the phone with the park, between 9am and 5pm.


Day & Annual Pass Parks

Types of passes

Day Passes:

  • Valid on day of purchase. Each park has slightly different hours but usually between 5am and 21:30pm

Annual unlimited passes:

  • Visit your chosen park as often as you like
  • Access the park by doing entering your access code/swipe fob or card at boom gate
  • To leave the park, enter your access code/swipe fob or card at boom gate

Multi park passes:

  • Choose your parks which you can visit as many times as you like in 1 year
  • Access the parks by entering your code at the boom gate
  • Enter your code at the boom gate to leave the park

What facilities do I get access to with a day pass or annual pass?

Holders of a day pass or annual pass can access:

  • BBQs
  • Playgrounds & splashparks
  • Boat launches
  • Bike ramps, tennis courts and other facilities (at applicable inland parks)
  • Toilets
  • Camp kitchens
  • Kiosks and cafes
  • and more

Useful Info

Where to park once inside the park

  • All parks are different, at inland parks we do not have just one carpark, guests can pretty much drive around whole park and park where they want

Looking after our parks

  • Please dispose of your rubbish in the provided bins
  • Please be respectful to our staying guests and keep the noise levels to a minumum after 10pm
  • Fire rules apply at each park - check the parks rules and fire bans


  • Day visitors can bring their dogs, with the exception of Burrinjuck which is not dog-friendly