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Tiny Homes at Reflections Jimmys Beach

Tiny Home Holidays in NSW

Tiny but mighty accommodation, in the best NSW locations

Picture this: you're cozying up in your own snug little space, everything within arm's reach, and the whole world feels just right. That's the magic of tiny homes.

Choosing a tiny home for holiday accommodation is like opting for a mini adventure packed with maximum charm. Think about it: you're swapping cookie-cutter hotel rooms for a unique, pint-sized pad that's bursting with character. It's all about that cozy, intimate vibe – the kind of place where you can snuggle up with a book or sip hot cocoa by the fire without feeling like you're lost in a sea of tourists.

Tiny homes offer simplicity in a world that's often too cluttered and complicated. With less space to fill, there's less stuff to worry about, which means more time to focus on what truly matters. There's a sense of freedom that comes with living small – the freedom to roam, to explore, and to live on your own terms.

So, whether you're craving a taste of tiny living or simply looking to spice up your holiday experience, a tiny home might just be the quirky escape you never knew you needed.

Tiny home inclusions

Perfect for couples or solo travellers, our tiny homes are decked out with all the creature comforts you need, for a breezy weekend away or longer escape so you can really unwind and explore the riches of the region.

Our airy retreats feature light-filled lounge areas, fully-equipped kitchenettes (complete with fridge and microwaves - dishwasher and ovens/stoves feature regularly too), as well as a modern ensuite bathrooms. Our tiny homes also feature cosy bedrooms with queen beds, ample storage and TV for those times when you’re happy to laze about in bed.

Often located in premium bush settings or iconic water views (think Clarkes Beach views from your bed, in Byron Bay in our premium tiny home)

The Tiny Houses also boast air conditioning and ceiling fans to provide year-round comfort.

Step outside and you’ll often find generous decks, with outdoor furniture, the perfect spot to dine alfresco, read or simply kick back and enjoy the serenity around you.


There's something liberating about ditching the excess baggage and embracing a simpler way of living, even if it's just for a weekend getaway.

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