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To promote Reflections Holidays’ value of environmentally friendly behaviour, we are a cardless membership program.

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With the Outsiders loyalty club, your kickbacks are supercharged!

As a member of our completely FREE Loyalty Club you get:

  • $25 guest credit for every 7 nights you stay*
  • $25 guest credit for each new park you stay at in the calendar year*
  • Only for fanatical Outsiders – stay at least 100 nights across 20 different Reflections places in a calendar year and you will earn a massive Ticket to Tour prize, a guest credit equal to the amount you spent to get it!*
  • Access to members-only benefits and special offers.
  • 24/7 access to your own members-only online portal.

We changed what you get on the 1st of April (to be the above benefits). If you want more information on the changes we made you can see that here. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Frequently asked questionsDidn’t find what you were looking for? We’re here to help. Get in touch below.
How do the new rewards work?

Simply put, the more you stay the more you earn. Starting on 1st of April 2024 the following program will start:

  • Stay 7 nights and earn $25 credit. Stay another 7 nights and earn another $25!* Rinse and repeat. This type of credit is capped at $250 per calendar year.
  • Stay at a Reflections Holidays Place that you haven’t already stayed at in the calendar year and you will earn an additional $25 credit for every new place you stay* (excludes your first park and has to be at least two nights to count).
  • Only for fanatical Outsiders – stay at least 100 nights across 20 different Reflections places in a calendar year and you will earn a massive Ticket to Tour prize, a guest credit equal to the amount you spent to get it! We don’t really expect anyway to reach this (but we’ll be over the moon if someone does).

Excitingly, you can work towards earning all of these at the same time! This means that under the new rewards program you could earn well over $1,000 plus a massive Ticket to Tour prize. This is compared to the old program which maxed out at $100 a year. Plus, the program remains completely FREE!

* Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.

How will I be able to redeem my new rewards credits?

Simply ringing our reservations team or login through your guest portal. We are also working to make these usable through our online booking process but this will take some time.

Can you give me some examples of how it works?


Example 1

You stay: at Reflections Holidays Evans Head for 14 nights.

You get: $50 credit ($25 for every 7 nights)

Example 2

You stay: at Reflections Holidays Evans Head for 14 nights and then Reflections Massy Greene for another 14 nights.

You get: $125 credit ($100 for 28 nights plus $25 for visiting a new park – remember Evans Head is excluded as it’s your first place for the year.)

Example 3

You stay:

  • Reflections Holidays Evans Head for 14 nights
  • Reflections Holidays Massy Greene for another 14 nights
  • Reflections Holidays Byron Bay for 60 nights

You get: $300 credit ($250 for every 7 nights capped at 70 plus $50 for visiting two new parks – remember Evans Head is excluded as it’s your first place for the year.)

When will I get the credits I earn?

$25 credits for staying 7 nights and staying at new parks will apply to guest accounts immediately after departing your stay.

Ticket to Tour credit will be applied to your account at the start of the following year after the year in which it was earnt.

Do my nights and stays already had in 2024 count?

$25 credits earned for every 7 nights and every new park will start counting for members from the 1st of April. This means that you will be able to earn these credits from the 1st of April.

The ticket to tour counting will count stays already had in 2024. For example, if you’ve stayed 20 nights at 2 places between 1 Jan to 31 March, your counting towards a ticket to tour will have you at 20 nights and 2 Reflections Holidays Places.

What counts as a ‘stay’

A stay for the purposes of the Reflections Outsiders Loyalty Club is fully defined in the Terms and Conditions but put simply, it’s a stay of a minimum 2 nights at a Reflections Holidays Place in ‘Eligible Accommodation’. Some accommodation types are excluded, for example, Long Term Casual accommodation and rental accommodation. For a full list of exclusions see the Terms and Conditions.

Does this mean you will start charging to be part of the Rewards Club?

NO. The Reflections Rewards Club will remain completely and totally FREE! We think this is part of what makes it the best Rewards program in the country.

What happens to the credits I earnt under the old program?

You will still be able to use all the credits you earnt as normal, assuming they haven’t expired.

What happens if I was close to getting my $100 credit for $1,000 spent under the old program?

The old system of earning rewards will be retired on the 1st of April 2024 with credit unable to be earnt under this old method. If you would like to discuss this decision or feel that your stays with Reflections Holidays had been in part driven by reaching this incentive then give us a call on 02 4086 5007 8am – 6pm NSW time.

What is the expiry date of credits earnt under the new program?

Your credits are valid for 12 month from the day you earn the credit and will expire after this time. E.g. if you earn a $25 credit on the 15th of August 2024 it will expire on the 15th of August 2025.

How will I be able to track the credits I’ve earnt under the new program?

We are working on delivering a great online experience to track your credit but in the meantime call our friendly reservations and park teams who will be able to give you updates. We are also working on giving you updates through email. We’ll let you know closer to when these are ready.

How does the Ticket to Tour prize work?

Simply stay for at least 100 nights in a calendar year across at least 20 Reflections Holidays Places (make sure it’s a minimum of two nights per stay to count) and you will receive a guest credit in the following calendar year to the tune of whatever you spent to earn it!

For example, if you stayed for 105 nights at 22 different Reflections Holidays Places in the same calendar year for a total cost of $5,500, not only would you receive $250 credit for staying 70 nights, $525 for staying at 21 places (first park is excluded) – you would then also received a guest credit for $5,500 to use in the following calendar year! That’s a total of $6,275 back in rewards. Now that’s truly a ticket to tour.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Is this all that you’ve got planned for the Rewards Club.

Nooooo. We’ve got much more planned. You’ll have to wait to find out.

Where can I find the Terms, conditions, and exclusions for the new program?

The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

When do nights and stays reset?

Progress towards nights and stays resets at 11.59 on 31 December every year. This means that on the 1st of January every year your number of nights and number of stays will reset back to zero. This means that you will also have your first stay for the year excluded from received a $25 credit for staying at new places.

For example, if you had stayed 13 nights across three different parks in 2024, on 1 Jan 2025 this would reset and it would count you as having stayed 0 nights at 0 places (for the purposes of earning credit only).

Why did you change the name and look of the Loyalty Club.

We wanted to create a new visual identity that better represented our guests and where we as a company wanted to meet them – The Outside! This meant that along with a change to the Reflections logo, colours and design feel, we also wanted to give the Loyalty Club a makeover to showcase our amazing members and what they love to do – namely, connecting with each other, themselves, and nature.

How did the old program work?

Ceasing on the11:59pm on the 31st of March 2024, the old rewards program gave guests a $100 guest credit when they spent $1,000 in the calendar year. This credit could only be earnt once in a calendar year.

Will I still earn $100 when I spend $1,000?

No. From the 1st of April 2024 this will program of earning credits will be replaced by the new rewards outlined above.

When will the old program stop?

The old program of earning credits - a $100 credit when you spend $1,000 in a calendar year (once a year) - will stop at 11:59pm on the 31st of March 2024.

Why are you making this change?

Because we wanted to make the program more rewarding for people who are loyal to us. Under the old program, rewards members could only ever earn $100 per calendar year, not particularly exciting once you’ve earnt your credit for the year.

What’s more, those staying in cheaper types of accommodation (e.g. unpowered camping or staying on a powered site) could take months to earn their $100 credit and we didn’t think that was fair. Under this new program all guests can stay how they want and earn well over $1k worth of credit in a calendar year. Now that’s rewarding!