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Burrinjuck Waters

Photography in NSW

Truely breathtaking photos in truely amazing locations

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, a hipster with a polaroid or just looking to get into a new hobby, there’s plenty of places to get snap happy when you stay at our parks.

Take the road less travelled and get exploring for some truly breathtaking shots – just don’t forget some sturdy footwear and some spare batteries!

Capture some epic photos that will make all your friends envious of your holiday! We've found the best photo locations across NSW - Check them out !

Hume & Hovell Track - Burrinjuck Waters

The Hume and Hovell Track provides the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of two of Australia’s most famous explorers. This 425 km journey, from Yass to Albury, is the same track that Hamilton Hume and William Hovell followed in 1824 en route to Port Phillip.

With several historical sites on the trail including Hamilton Hume’s residence Cooma Cotttage, there are plenty of opportunities for a photo or two when you visit Burrinjuck Waters.


Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve - Cudgegong River

For world-class photos of rare wildlife, intriguing geological formations and wide vistas without the long trek, taking a trek to Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve when you visit Cudgegong River is a must. Bird watching is one of the key attractions in the Reserve.

Over 160 native species have been identified so far, including the iconic kookaburra and galah, tiny weebills, lyrebirds, colourful flame robins, peregrine falcons, wedge-tailed eagles and the endangered Regent Honeyeater.


Mount Kapatur National Park - Copeton Waters, Lake Keepit

It’s difficult to choose just one walking trail in this stunning park. The network of hiking tracks has something to suit every ability and timeframe. There are plenty of serene picnic areas, panoramic lookout points, campgrounds, and holiday parks to choose, from whether you are in need of rest in between adventures or just looking for an ideal photo shoot location.

Book your stay at Copeton Waters or Lake Keepit and get those camera batteries charging.


Nightcap National Park - Lennox Head, Byron Bay

The Minyon Falls walking track is the most popular trail in this region, and for a good reason. Hikers traverse serene forest, pristine creeks and are rewarded with the cascade of a spectacular waterfall. More experienced hikers can choose to tackle the Goorgana walking track and explore the rugged, iconic peaks that form the backbone of the National Park.

The World Heritage listed rainforests within the Park have brought many visitors from around the world. The area is renowned for its rich diversity of flora and fauna, and it is a sanctuary for many threatened species of birds, bats and frogs.

If you are lucky, you may even see an endangered spotted-tailed quoll or a critically endangered red goshawk, so keep that camera ready next time you book a trip to Byron Bay or Lennox Head.


Montague Island - Bermagui

Described as one of Australia’s most under-rated destinations by Lonely PlanetMontague Island is an award-winning eco-tourism experience. A range of guided tours are available to show you the best perspectives from which to photograph the island. There is an abundance of wildlife, including little penguins, peregrine falcons, fur seals, whales and dolphins.

As if that is not enough, there is the Lighthouse. Built out of solid granite in 1881, visitors can climb the winding staircase for stunning 360-degree views. Book a trip to Bermagui and get ready to explore the Sapphire Coast‘s own Treasure Island.


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