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By championing local businesses, our aim is to foster vibrant community connections in the areas where we operate. We also want to inspire our guests to venture out and discover all the amazing things our surrounding regions have to offer. Whether you're picking up a cup of coffee from a cozy café near a park or signing up for a tour, you're making a meaningful contribution to the local community.

Discovering the finest attractions, dining spots, and tours near your accommodation in New South Wales is a breeze! We've teamed up with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse to link you with local small businesses, adding an extra layer of delight to your holiday with local events, charming cafes, exciting attractions, and so much more!

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We seek to embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ wisdom in Caring for Country, to guide how we care for the ecologically rich nature reserves, and identify opportunities to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses across our parks and reserves.

Each year we welcome 2 million guests, reaching a significant number of Australians and international visitors. We have an opportunity to introduce them to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and contribute to greater understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and wisdoms.

Nick Baker, CEO and Wendy Machin, Chair