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Gift vouchers

Gift voucher terms and conditions

By purchasing, receiving, or redeeming a gift voucher with Reflections Holidays, you are bound by the terms and conditions below:


  1. Vouchers may be purchased in any denomination from $50 upwards
  2. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring the email address of the recipient is correct when purchasing the voucher. Reflections are not liable for any incorrect information inputted by the purchaser.


  1. The gift voucher is only accepted on direct accommodation bookings with Reflections Holidays, when booking over the phone or at a park. The recipient will need to provide an email address over the phone or at the park to redeem a voucher. On the website, gift vouchers show as credits that can be used to pay a booking balance, but not currently a deposit.
  2. The gift voucher cannot be transferred to another person–the gift voucher needs to match the name of the voucher.
  3. Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash
  4. Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the initial date of purchase, and cannot be extended thereafter
  5. An existing valid Gift voucher may be used for the deposit if the value of the guest credit is greater than the total of the booking. If the total of the booking is greater than the voucher, full payment of the deposit is required and then the voucher will be applied to the balance.
  6. Gift vouchers may be used in part or in full. Any balance remaining after booking will be added as a credit to your account with us and can be used on any future booking
  7. If the voucher email is lost, the voucher is a credit on the recipient’s account and is easy to find again
  8. Booking cancellations and gift cards–if the booking was paid with a gift card and then cancelled, normal booking terms and conditions apply.
  9. Any refund from gift card bookings will be added back as a credit on the recipient’s account.
  10. Exclusions apply to Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards that meet the following criteria:
    a. A gift card or voucher that is given by a business for free to a consumer
    b. Gift cards supplied as part of a customer loyalty or employee rewards program
    c. A gift card or voucher supplied as part of a temporary marketing promotion as a bonus to the purchase of a good or service.
    d.A gift card or voucher sold or donated for use in a fundraising appeal, including to a charity or not-for-profit organisation.