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Guest Stay Terms and Conditions

By making a booking and staying with Reflections Holidays you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions when staying as a Reflections Holidays guest.

The guest registered as the primary guest on the reservation shall be liable for any loss or damage to the appliances, furniture, keys, fixtures and all fittings on the site/or accommodation. Fair wear and tear excluded.

The guest registered as the primary guest on the reservation shall be deemed responsible to pay for all accommodation costs and agrees that all costs will be paid on or before arrival. The guest authorises Reflections Holidays to be able to deduct any outstanding accommodation costs from their given credit card.

Reflections Holidays reserves the right to refuse or decline your booking at any time without reason. We reserve the right to refuse entry into a Reflections Holidays managed property for any reason we so determine in our discretion (including for our purposes). A full refund will be issued if this occurs.

Reflections Holidays and Reflections Holidays staff will not be held responsible for, or liable to compensate loss, theft or damage to personal property on, or brought into the accommodation/site or in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation/site.

Where guests stay on the behalf of business or company, and in the event that the business or company is unable to or refuses to pay any amount due, the guest shall be liable to pay on demand any amount owing by the business or company under this Agreement.

On departure, guests agree that cabin accommodation will be left in a neat and tidy condition. If accommodation is found to be requiring excess cleaning above a reasonable expectation, the guest credit card on file will be charged an excess cleaning fee. Smoking is not permitted in any cabin or building. A deodorising fee of $200 is payable.

No animals are permitted in cabins (with the exception of dog friendly cabins). Additional cleaning fees will be charged if animals are found to have been in cabins. At Reflections Holidays dog friendly locations, all dogs must be kept on a lead and owners must pick up after them.

Offensive Behaviour & Excessive Noise – Drunkenness, offensive, aggressive or threatening behaviour & excessive noise will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Persons displaying this type of conduct will be removed from the Reflections Holidays managed property. Please remember to keep your televisions & radios at a volume that will not disturb your neighbours.

All noise of a disruptive nature is to cease by 10.00pm. Strictly only one vehicle is allowed per site/cabin except for the following Reflections Holidays locations where more than one vehicle may be permitted: Burrinjuck Waters, Copeton Waters, Cudgegong River, Grabine Lakeside, Lake Burrendong, Lake Glenbawn, Lake Keepit, Mookerawa Waters, Wee Jasper Reserves, Wyangala Waters.

Please note speed limits within Reflections Holidays properties is 10km. Scooters, bikes and skateboards must only be used in the designated safe play areas. Helmets must be worn at all times. Please check with the Reflections Holidays staff for details of the safe play areas.

Personal information collected may be used for direct marketing purposes where, in absence of an objection, implied consent is assumed. Reflections Holidays will also provide options for a person to opt out of receiving marketing material.

Photography - during your stay, you and /or your children may be photographed by the Reflections Holidays staff. The taking of photographs is for the purpose of advertising and marketing opportunities. Please advise the photographer at the time if you do not wish for your photo and/or your child's photo to be taken.

Guests will observe the Australian Standards relating to bunk beds. Children under the age of 9 years are not permitted to use the top bunk. Children must not play on top bunk.

The number of guests on the sites or in the accommodation at any one time shall not exceed the number of guests declared and paid for on the booking. Occupancy is granted under the acceptance of the above-mentioned terms and conditions in accordance with the Stay Etiquette (subject to change without notice). Management reserve the right to terminate the occupancy due to any breach of the above.

All Vans, Tents and Motor Homes are required to have the drawbar or legal tow point, facing the road & to be placed upon the site so that it is a min of 1 metre off the road. Please note that minimum distancing requirements apply and no accommodation is to be setup within 1.5mtrs of another campsite, irrespective of campsite boundary.