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Worimi art Trail

Worimi Art Trail at Jimmys Beach

Journey the art trail with us...

Jimmys Beach Holiday Park, located on Worimi Country, is home to many native animals.

We invite you go on an art trail journey with us…

Watch this video to learn about the culture and art of Worimi Artist, Tyson Jolly, then…

  • Find Tyson’s artworks around the park
  • Learn the animals’ names in the Worimi people’s language, Gathang (pronounced Gat-tung)
  • Spot them in real life!

Explore the trail and see if you can spot these Aussie animals

Black cockatoo
Look up and you may see me
Can you find me?
Goanna low res
Did you spot me?
Kangaroo icon
See me at dusk
dingo icon
Can you find me?
Look for me in the water

Celebrating Aboriginal cultures

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