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Camp Kitchen Recipes - Winter Cooking

01 May 2023
5 minutes

Brrrrr!! Baby, it’s cold outside. Winter camping has plenty of upsides: peace and quiet, cosy campfires, fewer insects and stunning star-filled skies. But keeping toasty warm is a must. As well as having the right clothing, sleeping bags and wet weather gear, food plays an important role in your winter arsenal. This is because it heats you up from the inside out.

From steaming soups to heavenly hot chocolates, here are our top picks for winter camping fare to warm the heart and soothe the soul.

Make like Goldilocks

What’s better than a bowl of ‘not too hot but not too cold’ porridge? Nutritious, delicious and easy, simply cook up oats in a pot with water and add toppings to taste. We love this apple and cinnamon porridge recipe by Outdoor Appetite; just the ticket for the most important meal of the day.


Soup’s on!

Nothing says winter like a bowl of steaming soup. This delicious bean and pasta soup from Taste is based on canned foods, making it the perfect winter warmer for camping. Enjoy with a side of damper and a glass or two of some local red.


Pasta power

Pasta is the perfect winter camping food. A source of quick, long-lasting energy. Versatile. One-pot friendly. And mouth-wateringly delicious. This one-pot creamy vegetable pasta in Best Recipes ticks all the boxes AND takes the edge off the washing up.


Sizzling sandwiches

Let’s ‘toast’ the humble jaffle iron. It’s amazing how such a simple campfire accessory can transform humble sandwiches into gourmet fare. But don’t stop at baked beans. These chicken, avocado and camembert jaffles from Food to Love will take your toastie game to the next level. Are you bready?


Hot damn!

A warm and soothing cup of heavenly hot chocolate is part and parcel of any winter camping trip. But there’s hot chocolate ... and then there’s THIS hot chocolate. Cosy and comforting, a cup of Nigella’s hot chocolate from Kidspot will warm the cockles of every camper’s heart.


So rug up and chow down on your next winter visit to Reflections Holidays. These hearty and tasty recipes are easy to make, easy to eat and the perfect fuel for all your adventures.