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Things to do in Wyangala Waters Holiday Park

10 May 2023
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Wyangala Waters is a beautiful and picturesque park nestled in the heart of New South Wales. It's situated approximately 300 kilometres west of Sydney, near the town of Cowra. This popular destination is well-known for its stunning lake, picturesque surroundings, and abundant outdoor activities. It is crown land and looked after by Reflections Holiday Parks, who offer holiday and camping facilities as well as powered and unpowered sites for your next family holiday or even just for a day trip and picnic.

Wyangala Waters boasts a large and impressive dam, which covers an area of over 5,000 hectares. The lake is fed by the Lachlan and Abercrombie Rivers, and its clear waters are perfect for swimming, boating, fishing, and other water sports.


Wyangala Dam Fishing

Anglers can try their luck casting into the waters of the dam for Golden perch, Murray cod, Catfish, and many other species.

Fishing enthusiasts can access the dam from several locations, including the Wyangala Dam wall, Reflections Wyangala Waters and the various boat ramps around the lake. Anglers can choose to fish from the shore, in a kayak or canoe, or from a fishing boat.


Explore the state parks

Aside from water-based activities, Wyangala Waters is also home to many walking trails, picnic areas, and camping grounds in the surrounding area. The area's rugged terrain makes it an ideal location for exploring nature, with plenty of mountain bike trails, hiking tracks, and bird-watching in the untouched forests and clear country skies. The lake's shoreline is also a popular spot for picnicking, and there are several designated picnic areas with tables, barbecues, and toilets. Kicking back and reconnecting with nature at Wyangala Dam is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a weekend.

Views of the Wyangala Dam Wall

One of the highlights of Wyangala Waters is the Wyangala Dam, which is an impressive engineering feat. Completed in 1935, the dam is a concrete gravity structure that stands 58.8 meters high and 1370 meters long. It was constructed to provide water to irrigate the surrounding farmland, and it's now an important source of water for many communities in the area.

Looking for accommodation near Wyangala Dam?

Located right on the shore of Wyangala Dam is Reflections Wyangala Waters - a dog-friendly country holiday park offering cabins, powered sites, and unpowered sites. The best thing about this park, aside from the stunning waterfront views, is nature and wildlife at your doorstep. Reflections Grabine Lakeside, situated on the eastern side of the dam, is a caravan park tucked away in the rolling hills. With bush camping sites, unpowered and powered sites and comfy cabins, this spot in paradise is perfect for those who enjoy boating activities and fishing.

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Can you Swim at Wyangala Dam?

Swimming in Wyangala Dam is allowed and is a popular activity among visitors during the warmer months. The spectacular scenery and clear waters of the lake are perfect for swimming. However, it's also important to note that there are no lifeguards on duty at the lake, so visitors should swim at their own risk, and always remember your sunscreen!

Where does water from Wyangala Dam go?

Water from Wyangala Dam is primarily used for irrigation, stock watering, and town water supply. The dam is an important source of water for the surrounding farmland, with water being released to the Lachlan River for downstream irrigation. The water is also used for stock watering in the area and for town water supply to nearby communities. In addition, the dam helps to regulate the flow of the Lachlan and Abercrombie Rivers, reducing the risk of flooding downstream during periods of heavy rainfall.