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Handy Caravan Storage Tips & Tricks

06 Jul 2022
5 minutes

Wondering how to organise your caravan storage to accommodate all your things? We have you covered for some handy, easy-to-implement ideas to keep you tidy and organised to make sitting back and relaxing.

With caravan popularity at an all time high in New South Wales, hitting the road to explore all the sights and sounds that our magnificent state has to offer is at your fingertips. The thing many caravan owners find a challenge is how and where to store all their belongings in their caravan, especially for longer stay camping trips.

We put together some inexpensive space and time solutions to get you started:

Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks - the Ultimate Caravan Organisation Tip!

Not just a line to hook you in (see what I did there??), hooks can seriously make or break a caravan holiday. Pre-installing a strong couple of sets of hooks around your caravan can help you use valuable vertical wall and inside door space for some nifty storage ideas.

A set of hooks just inside the door can hold keys, hats, jackets and towels, perfect for these everyday things you use all the time. In the kitchen area think about hooks for kitchen utensils, bottle openers, tea towels and even cutting boards. Don't forget about hooks on the inside of sleeping area cupboards for dressing gowns, belts, scarves and more. Top tip: broom handle holders from Bunnings to hold torches, fishing rods, rackets and so much more.A mere 15 minutes from Scone, Reflections Holiday Park Lake Glenbawn offers the perfect spot to relax and get back to nature. Bring your caravan to a powered site right on the water, and prepare to experience the lakeside tranquility.

At the park, there is a pool, tennis court, amenities, as well as BBQ facilities and picnic tables. Nearby you can explore the walking and hiking trails, fishing, water sports, or enjoy the delights of Scone, horse riding and much more. Plus sites are dog friendly, so your pampered pooch is welcome :) Book your Lake Glenbawn holiday today.

Caravan Clothing Storage To Save Time and Space

There is never enough wardrobe storage in the caravan bedroom, yet we have some simple ideas from Howards Storage World to save you space and time rummaging for what you want to wear. These space savings hangers are a great addition to any wardrobe making use of vertical space, like these trowser hangers, and multi shirt hangers to keep you organised and crease-free! Whilst drawer dividers can stock your stuff rolling around and keep it tidy.

We love these Canvas Bed Camper Organisers from Etsy, not only for books and magazines, but great to keep shoes neat and tidy, yet easy to access.

Hassle-Free Bathroom Caravan Storage

Keep that pesky toilet brush and spare toilet rolls in one place either by attaching it to the wall, or using a suction toilet brush from BCF - top tip: use the stick as the toilet roll holder! 

Using the back of the bathroom door or shower door can be a real space saver when it comes to toiletries storage. Over the door storage or corner shower caddies are a win to store shampoo, conditioners and soaps - just make sure the sides of the storage racks are high to keep your things secure.

Kitchen Caravan Storage Ideas You Will Love

Stackable and collapsible items like storage baskets, washing basket, bowls and more will be a real space saver as when not in use, they take up much less space when putting away.

Sink covers are a great way of increasing surface area in the kitchen for meal prep, we love the cutting board sink cover, you can get off the shelf covers or why not get a custom sink cover made, that can fit over your sink and draining rack, as they did here in Caravanning With Kids. 

Our final kitchen caravan storage tip is to get some clear plastic, preferably vertical containers , carefully labelled, which you can decant your food into. Boxes of cereal and other pantry items can take up a lot of space, and this space-saving ideas means a folded over bag of pasta, rice or cereal in a container is much tidier.

That's our pick of space saving, caravan organising techniques, we hope it helps you get a little more organised so you can get back to the pure relaxation that comes from the ultimate caravan holiday :)

If you are wanting a caravan holiday to stay a little longer at, checkout our top parks for a long stay caravan holiday in New South Wales here. Plus our 15% off long stay offer is still on, so its win win all round !

Happy caravanning!