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What to do on your Brunswick River retreat at Ferry Reserve

04 May 2023
5 minutes

The slogan for Brunswick Heads is ‘simple pleasures’ and at Reflections Ferry Reserve it’s easy to see why. With the beautiful Brunswick River lapping at its doorstep, Reflections Ferry Reserve is chock-filled with those sweet, simple holiday moments that tend to be the most memorable.

Here’s 10 we can thoroughly recommend.

1.Watching the sunrise

Yes, it’s nice to sleep in on holiday, but it’s also nice to get up with the sun and watch as it casts its pink, pretty glow on a brand-new day.

2.Walking in nature

Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of a walk through coastal rainforest. The North Head Walking Track in Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve is known for its lovely ocean views. Check out some more nature-based activities in Brunswick Heads here

3.Playing in the water

With the Brunswick River in your backyard, it’s hard to resist its calm and crystal-clear depths on a warm day. Or take the short drive to the beach for a more adventurous dip.


There’s something relaxing about watching birds soar and explore. Brunswick Heads is home to plenty of feathered friends, from white-bellied sea eagles to pied oystercatchers.

5.Relaxing in the sun

When was the last time you relaxed in the sunshine? Whether it’s chatting with friends and family, reading a good book or just listening to music, ‘doing nothing’ does wonders for the soul.


6.Pampering your pooch

Dogs love holidays too and watching them play is one of life’s simple pleasures. Ferry Reserve Holiday Park is dog-friendly on its sites during non-peak season, so don’t leave them behind.

7.Taking a snooze

You know you’re on holiday when you can have an afternoon nap. Bliss!

8.Playing board games

Camping is the perfect excuse to challenge your friends and family to a board game. Cards, scrabble or even Monopoly, they’re bound to result in laugh-out-loud fun.

9.Dining alfresco

They say food tastes better when you’re outside, so cook up a storm on our free BBQ facilities. There’s also a spacious camp kitchen, ideal for creating your next culinary masterpiece.


When it comes to simple pleasures, it’s hard to beat gazing up at the Milky Way and picking out the constellations, including the conspicuous ‘saucepan’ (otherwise known as Orion).


So when you stay at Reflections Ferry Reserve, make time for the simple things. None of these cost a cent and they’re all sure to add an extra something special to your holiday.

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