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Things to do near Brunswick Heads

04 Apr 2024
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If you're craving a laid-back coastal escape, look no further than Brunswick Heads in beautiful New South Wales. This chilled-out town offers a mix of fun activities perfect for a relaxed Aussie getaway. From strolling through the local shops and grabbing a bite at one of the cozy cafes to paddling along the serene Brunswick River or casting a line for some fish, there's something for everyone here. So, kick back, soak up the sunshine, and let Brunswick Heads show you what true Aussie relaxation is all about! Only in Brunswick Heads for a limited time? Checkout our top pick of things to do in 48 hours in Brunswick Heads

Where to Eat and Drink in Brunswick Heads

Looking to satisfy your cravings in Brunswick Heads? Dive into the local dining scene by checking out the charming cafes and quirky shops around the town center. Grab a bite to eat, a few drinks and regular live music at the infamous Hotel Brunswick or enjoy some Japanese cuisine at Trouble San - overlooking the Brunswick River.

Hotel Brunswick

Water-Based Activities in Brunswick Heads

Stand-up paddle boarding at Brunswick Heads

For a day filled with aquatic adventures, Brunswick Heads has you covered. Rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and explore the scenic Brunswick River, keeping an eye out for native wildlife along the way. Fishing enthusiasts will find paradise at Ferry Reserve, where you can reel in Barramundi or Bream while soaking in the peaceful river views. And don't forget to indulge in some kayaking along the picturesque riverbanks of the Brunswick River. The Brunswick River Cruise is sure to be a hit with whole family as you meander along the river, checking out the waters and learning about the region. Checkout more family-friendly Brunswick Heads activities here

Culture, art, events and markets in Brunswick Heads

Image courtesy of the Brunswick Picture House

Immerse yourself in the laid-back culture of Brunswick Heads, just like Byron used to be, by exploring its art galleries, markets, and parks. And for a unique entertainment experience, catch a live performance at the historic Brunswick Picture House, offering an eclectic mix of comedy, music, theatre, and circus acts. Brunswick also plays host to regular festivals and events, which you can check out here

Getting out and about on foot in the Brunswick Heads region

Enjoy a day out to the region's hinterland with a visit to Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens, where you can enjoy the caves, and spectacular views and walk in the lush rainforests. If native wildlife is your thing, head to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for a unique opportunity to get closer to our Aussie wildlife.

Day Trip to Byron Bay


While Brunswick Heads offers a peaceful retreat, don't miss the chance to explore the vibrant cultural center of Byron Bay, just a short drive away. Experience the lively atmosphere, pristine beaches, and diverse attractions that make Byron Bay a must-visit destination on the NSW north coast.

There is so much to see and do in this beautiful region. If you are feeling inspired and looking for some specific activity providers or restaurants, check out our "what's local" to Brunswick Heads guide here.

Where to Stay in Brunswick Heads


Make the most of your Brunswick Heads getaway by staying at any of 3 Reflections Holiday accommodation options in and around Brunswick Heads. With ocean or riverside accommodations available, Reflections provides the perfect base for your adventure, offering easy access to the town center and nearby natural attractions and a choice of ways to stay from campsites to premium cabins, sure to tempt your travel tastebuds.

Where to stay in Brunswick Heads