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Hiking in NSW

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Ready to dive into a world of natural wonders? Hiking in New South Wales (NSW) is like stepping into a paradise of rugged coastlines, lush rainforests, and majestic mountains. With trails galore and landscapes that'll take your breath away, NSW is a hiker's dream destination.

NSW nature reserves are an absolute hiker’s delight with bush trails and scenic coastal walks on the menu. Some guests enjoy a gentle stroll before dinner as they take in the view, while others prefer a longer, more physical challenge.

Whether it’s an easy coastal walk through littoral rainforests and lush National Parks or a hike in the Aussie outback New South Wales, has a range of options for all abilities and preferences.

So, lace up your sneakers or trusty hiking boots, grab a hat, sunscreen and water, and step into a veritable feast of sights, nature sounds, and birdsong.

The choice of trail is yours

Hiking Safety Tips

Hiking in NSW provides numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness, mental well-being, and a deeper connection with nature. To ensure a safe and enjoyable hike, remember to check weather forecasts, stay hydrated, and stick to marked trails. Essential items to bring include water, snacks, sturdy footwear, a map, sunscreen, and a first aid kit.

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Hume & Hovell Track - Burrinjuck Waters, Wee Jasper

Reflections Holidays Burrinjuck Waters is conveniently located on the famous Hume and Hovell Track and is an ideal spot for hikers to catch some R&R before hitting the trail again.

Reflections Burrinjuck Waters is 50km from the start of the track in Yass, and the trail leading into the park through Burrinjuck Nature Reserve is a real highlight. Hikers love resting here with the park’s friendly kangaroos and parrots, but they also love getting back out on the trail commencing with a peaceful cruise across the Burrinjuck Dam.

The park has a boat that connects walkers to Reflections Holidays Wee Jasper and attractions such as Carey’s Cave, as well as their next camping spot at Fitzpatrick TrackHead, so it has an important role in the track itinerary.

Hiking through the untamed wilderness of country NSW to discover the Hume and Hovell Track at Wee Jasper is as good as it gets!

The Hume and Hovell Track closely follows the route taken by Hamilton Hume and William Hovell on their 1824 expedition to discover what lay south of the Murrumbidgee River. Starting in Yass and finishing in Albury, the 426km track highlights all that makes southeast NSW so special, from its mighty rivers to its diverse landscapes.


Nightcap National Park - Lennox Head, Byron Bay

Head to Byron Bay or Lennox Head and explore Nightcap National Park, where lush rainforest walks to the sound of birdsong rule.

The Minyon Falls walking track is the most popular trail in this region, and for a good reason. Hikers traverse serene forest, pristine creeks and are rewarded with the cascade of a spectacular waterfall. More experienced hikers can choose to tackle the Goorgana walking track and explore the rugged, iconic peaks that form the backbone of the National Park.


Yuraygir Coastal Walk - Yamba

Arguably one of the most beautiful places in Australia, let alone the Far North Coast, is the relaxed town of Yamba.

Yamba sits on the mouth of the gorgeous Clarence River and is surrounded by the Yuraygir National Park where you can enjoy a number of walks, including the 65km Yuraygir Coastal Walk.

Take in the sea breeze, and epic scenery, spot a whale or two and swim, snorkel or fish to your heart’s content.


Yarriabini National Park - Scotts Head, Nambucca Heads

Try Scotts Head or Nambucca Heads, where you can immerse yourself in birdsong and lush green surrounds when you venture to nearby Yarriabini National Park.

You won't get better coastal views and the scenery as you hike past crystal clear creeks, shady picnic spots and through the green surrounds of magical rainforrest.


Beowa National Park - Eden

Head south to Reflections Holidays Eden and discover Beowa National Park - the go-to destination for our explorers who love the outdoors and want to enjoy panoramic views and fresh sea breezes.

Formerly known as Ben Boyd National Park, this 47km expanse of coastal wonderland has something for everyone. Rock fish, sunbake, swim or settle in for one of the most picturesque picnics you could hope for.

Shorter trails include the Pambula River or Pinnacles Loop walking tracks, while a more challenging, multi-day endeavour is the 31km Light to Light

Walk between Boyd’s Tower and Green Cape Lighthouse. The Mount Imlay Summit Walk is another challenging trek for experienced hikers.


Burrawan State Forrest - North Haven, Bonny Hills

Our charming coastal parks at North Haven and Bonny Hills are popular with hikers who can easily explore Burrawan State Forrest, with ‘Old Bottlebutt’ - the oldest recorded Red Bloodwood tree in the world.

Burrawan State Forest is on Bago Road near Wauchope and will transport you back to the Jurassic era, minus the predatory beasties.

Only 10 minutes drive from Bonny Hills and or 20 minutes from North Haven.

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How are hiking trails graded?
  • Grade 1: No experience is required with a flat and even surface. Walks are no greater in length than 5kms
  • Grade 2: No experience required, may have gentle hills and steps, and walks are no greater in length than 10kms
  • Grade 3: Appropriate for all, but some bushwalking experience is beneficial. Trails may feature brief, steep inclines, uneven terrain, and numerous steps. Distances up to 20km.
  • Grade 4: Prior bushwalking experience is advised. Trails can be lengthy, rugged, and exceptionally steep. Directional signage may be sparse.
  • Grade 5: Highly skilled bushwalkers with specialized expertise, including navigation and emergency first aid, are recommended for these trails. The terrain is anticipated to be extremely rugged, steep, and lacking in clear markings. Distances may exceed 20 kilometers.
What should I take on a hike?

Kathmandu suggests a backpack, non-cotton clothing, water, sunscreen, bug spray, medication, a torch, and batteries. See the full list here

What hikes are family-friendly?

Depending on the age and stage of your kids, we recommend sticking to grade 1 and grade 2 hiking trails.

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