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Interior Design Tips For Caravans

10 Dec 2018
5 minutes

Is your caravan all substance, no style? Here’s a good reason to upgrade your interior. It’s been scientifically proven interior design elements can stir up positive or negative emotions.

That’s right; if your interiors are as aesthetically pleasing as your external environment (and if you stay at a Reflections Holiday Park, that’s a given), you’re one step closer to being a happier camper.

Holidays are all about happiness. Lets keep things positive with a dream caravan or campervan that’s beautiful, functional and uniquely you. Your very own home away from home.

Whether you’re decorating a new caravan or giving an older van a new lease on life, here are some interior design trends to make your holiday even happier.

Keep it white and light

Forget the dark, dreary caravans of times past. White makes spaces look bigger, so lets lighten things up a little. It’s amazing what a coat of white paint can do for maximising natural light and making a room feel less cramped.

Pick your theme and colour scheme

When starting an interior makeover, it helps to pick a theme. Vintage is always in for caravans. Think polka dot curtains, colourful kitchen cabinetry and vinyl floor tiles in a checkerboard pattern.

Or for something more contemporary, embrace the chic minimalism of Scandi style. This is all about clean lines, timber floors and simple, versatile furniture and accessories.

When it comes to colours, greys and pastels are right on trend. And whilst black and dark colours are also in vogue, they’re not so great in smaller spaces.

Get in on the ground floor

When renovating a small space, floors can make all the difference. Linoleum and vinyl flooring have come a long way and are perfect for caravans; hard-wearing, versatile, easy to clean and value for money. Their timber-look options are the perfect facsimile for the real thing.


Storage, storage, storage

Storage is possibly the most important interior design consideration for your humble holiday abode. Unless you’re at one with clutter, it’s vital to maximise the space you have.

Install a corner shelf in the shower. Hang racks on the inside of cupboards. Stackable tubs always come in handy, and if you’re upgrading any caravan furniture, invest in options with hidden storage.

Lighten up

Say goodbye to any old-school light fittings and replace with LED lights instead; they’re easier on the eye and kinder to the environment. You can even add LED light strips under cupboards and skirting boards. And for ambience, you can’t go past the whimsy of a simple string of fairy lights.

Window dressing

Your choice of window treatment will be influenced by your theme. If you’re going vintage, retro fabric curtains work a treat. But for a modern, contemporary look, it’s hard to go past blinds.

Blinds come in a huge range of styles and materials; from roman and roller to vertical and venetian. And an added bonus: they’re great at blocking the heat in summer, and keeping the heat in in winter.

It’s in the details

Accessories can take your van from blah to bling, and they’re an easy and inexpensive way to create an on-trend interior. Black taps, shower heads and cabinet hardware are all in fashion, as is two-tone metal; popular due to its compatibility with other finishes.

Upgrading your soft furnishings is another way to bring the latest interior design trends into your van. A few strategically placed cushions, a cosy rug, a tactile throw and some linen bedding will do the trick. Just make sure the fabrics are easy to clean; you don’t want to stress about spills on your holiday.

Indoor plants are everywhere right now, and there’s no reason why you can’t bring a potted friend or two on the road. A hanging plant in a sunny spot is perfect for a caravan. Just make sure it’s well secured and not likely to spill while you’re travelling.


Think outside the box

First impressions count, so don’t forget to also give your exterior some love. A new paint job can work wonders, and is the perfect extension of your interior theme. Whether it’s a modern black panel or a vintage-inspired pastel, it’s easy to transform your van into a real head-turner.

We know your caravan is more than just a mode of transport. It’s your holiday haven; a place where memories are made, friendships are formed and your days are filled with fun. So keep the happiness flowing with a van that makes your heart sing, then show it off at one of our 36 NSW holiday parks.

Wine o’clock at your place? Yes please.