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Things to do in Urunga

10 May 2023
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25 minutes south of Coffs Harbour along the mid-north coast of New South Wales is the charming coastal town of Urunga. If you want to visit the Coffs Coast but get more connected to nature than staying in the bigger city of Coffs Harbour allows, Urunga Holiday Park is the perfect base for a relaxing holiday or weekend getaway.

You don't have to stray far to have proper getaway experiences, Urunga attractions are often overlooked but are some of the most beautiful and relaxing options on the whole coast.

The Urunga Boardwalks


The Beachside Boardwalk

The Urunga Boardwalk is a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring the stunning coastal town of Urunga, New South Wales. It's a beautiful walkway that stretches along the banks of the Kalang River, offering breathtaking views of the river, the ocean, and the surrounding bushland. Along the way, you'll find several lookout points where you can stop and take in the stunning views. You might even spot some local wildlife, such as dolphins, turtles, or the many species of birds that call the river home.

The Wetlands Boardwalk

The Wetlands Boardwalk is a 600m looped trip through the local wetlands. Along the way, you'll see an incredible variety of birdlife, including terns, godwits and cormorants.

The Urunga Wetlands are an important habitat for many species, which use the wetlands as a breeding and feeding ground. The wetlands are also home to a variety of fish and other aquatic creatures, as well as a range of plant species that have adapted to the unique conditions of the wetland environment.

Relive History in the Urunga Museum

The Urunga Museum is a wonderful cultural institution located in the picturesque town of Urunga, New South Wales. It's a small, community-run museum that is dedicated to preserving the rich history and heritage of the local area.

The museum's collection includes a range of artefacts, photographs, and documents that showcase the fascinating history of Urunga and its surrounds. Visitors can explore displays of the area's Indigenous history, early European settlement, and the development of the local fishing and timber industries.

One of the highlights of the Urunga Museum is its collection of photographs, which offer a glimpse into what life was like in the town in years gone by.

Day Trip to Coffs Harbour

Take a dive tour in the Solitary Islands Marine Park

The Solitary Islands Marine Park is a protected marine reserve located off the coast of Coffs Harbour, a short drive north of Urunga. Covering an area of approximately 71,000 hectares, the park encompasses a network of coral reefs, rocky outcrops, and sandy beaches, as well as a range of marine habitats.

Home to over 550 species of reef fish, 90 species of coral, and hundreds of other species of invertebrates, mammals, and birds. It is also an important habitat for several endangered species, including the grey nurse shark and the green turtle. The Marine Park is well worth the trip.


Visit local attractions

While in Coffs Harbour, take the opportunity to drop by the Big Banana Fun Park and the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House.

Visitors to the Big Banana can enjoy a variety of experiences, including a giant slide, laser tag, mini golf, a water park, and a skywalk that offers stunning views of the surrounding area. The attraction also features a gift shop, café, and plantation tour that showcases the history and production of bananas in the region.

The Butterfly House is a large indoor tropical garden filled with thousands of colourful butterflies from around the world, as well as a range of other exotic plants and animals.

Visitors to the Butterfly House can stroll through the lush gardens and observe the butterflies as they flutter around, feeding on nectar and landing on flowers and foliage. The attraction is home to over 400 different species of butterflies, many of which are native to the region, as well as several species of birds, reptiles, and insects.

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What river runs through Urunga?

Urunga is located on the banks of the Kalang River, which is an important waterway in the region. The Kalang River is approximately 75 kilometres long and flows through several national parks and nature reserves before reaching the Pacific Ocean at Urunga.

How long is the Urunga Boardwalk?

The beachside boardwalk is an approximately 3.4km long return trip. The walk takes visitors through a diverse range of landscapes, from the Kalang River entrance to tidal flats and sandy beaches. It's a great spot for nature lovers, birdwatchers, and anyone who enjoys a leisurely stroll in the great outdoors.

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