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Things to do in Eden

04 Apr 2023
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Located on the far south coast of New South Wales, Eden is a small coastal town renowned for its picturesque scenery and relaxed atmosphere. It's the perfect spot to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time with family or friends. There are many fun activities to do and local landmarks to see in Eden. Find out more.


There are many stunning yet secluded beaches around the Eden area that are perfect for surfing. The ocean conditions in the region make it a great spot for surfing, with waves that range from small and beginner-friendly to large and more advanced. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or just starting out, the Eden area offers many opportunities for enjoying the sport. One surf-ready beach to visit around the Eden area is Cocora Beach.

Visit Aslings Beach

Aslings Beach is one of the most beautiful coastal spots near Eden, with its wide-open beach views and stunning sunsets. The beach is a great spot for walking, swimming, or simply taking in the views. During low tide, there are rock pools to explore with kids as well.


Killer Whale Museum

Eden is also well known for its Killer Whale Museum. The museum houses a variety of artifacts, photographs and displays outlining the history of whaling in Australia. It also has whale skeletons as well as interactive exhibits to explore. The museum showcases an exclusive film on the whaling industry and offers both an educational and fun experience for adults and kids alike.

Green Cape Lighthouse

Green Cape Lighthouse is one of the most iconic landmarks and historic sites in south coast NSW. The lighthouse is located at the southernmost tip of NSW and offers stunning views of Twofold Bay. The lighthouse was built back in 1883 and is a great spot for whale watching during migration season or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery from above.


Ben Boyd National Park

Ben Boyd National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks around Australia and is another great spot when visiting Eden. The park boasts stunning coastal scenery and has walking trails, camping sites and a variety of activities to explore. It's the perfect place for a family day out, a barbeque at the caravan park, or a romantic picnic by the sea.

There are also many beachside cafes located within the park that offer excellent views of Twofold Bay.


4WD at Terrace Beach and Lennards Island

A brilliant spot for 4WD, Terrace Beach, and Lennards Island offers a wild and windy backdrop to test out your grit, determination, and your tyres.

With so much to see and do in the stunning Eden region, from lighthouse walks, whale watching, 4-wheel driving and museums, Eden is sure to offer you an amazing time.

Looking for accommodation in Eden NSW?

Eden Holiday Parks offers an array of cabins and camping options, sure to suit those who prefer creature comforts of a roof overhead, those who prefer to bring their van, or those who choose a swag under the stars.

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What is Eden, Australia, known for?

Eden is known for its stunning coastal scenery, surfing, whale watching and its Killer Whale Museum. It's a family-friendly holiday destination just a few hours' drive from Sydney.

Where to see seals in Eden?

The nearby Green Cape Lighthouse is one of the best places to spot seals in Eden. The small beach area is a popular breeding ground for seals, and there's a good chance you'll be able to spot some when visiting.