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Boat ramp at a park

Holiday Parks with Boat Ramps in NSW

If you're looking for the perfect boating holiday whether its fishing or you are a water sports enthusiast, Reflections Holidays has you covered as many of our parks are not only perfectly located right on the water but also feature boat ramps to make getting that boat in and out a breeze.

So, get ready to pack up your rods and reels as we explore some of the best holiday parks with boat ramps in NSW.

Country NSW

Boating in country New South Wales (NSW) is a great way to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Burrinjuck Dam, with its scenic hills and forests, is a top spot for powerboating and sailing. The calm waters are perfect for water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. Fishing is also popular here, with anglers often catching golden perch and Murray cod. Plus, the nearby Reflections Lake Burrinjuck has camping facilities, making it easy to turn a day trip into a weekend adventure.

Lake Burrendong, Lake Keepit, and Copeton Dam each offer their own unique boating experiences. Lake Burrendong's wide-open waters are great for sailing, kayaking, and fishing, especially for redfin and yellowbelly. Lake Keepit is a fantastic spot for everything from paddleboarding to jet skiing. Copeton Dam, with its beautiful surroundings, is perfect for all kinds of boating fun and is a favorite for those looking to catch Murray cod and golden perch. Whether you're into high-energy water sports or just want to relax on the water, these lakes and dams in country NSW have something for everyone.

Country NSW is littered with picturesque lakes and rivers teeming with fish. Each of the parks below has cabin, caravan, or camping accommodation options and ramp access to water located on-site. Park your trailers back at the campsite and take some passengers out to navigate the beautiful lakes of NSW.


Country NSW Parks with Boat Ramps

North Coast NSW

Boating on the North Coast of New South Wales (NSW) is all about soaking up the stunning scenery, cruising along diverse waterways, and enjoying the local marine life. This area is famous for its beautiful beaches, calm bays, and winding rivers, making it a boater's paradise.

Whether dropping a dinghy into the Brunswick River from Ferry Reserve or taking bigger boats out to the ocean from Moonee Beach, Reflections parks along the north coast of NSW have you covered. Go to the park page for each site to find more details and a map.

A must-see spot is the Solitary Islands Marine Park near Coffs Harbour. It's a fantastic place to drop anchor and dive into the water for some snorkeling or diving. The park has a mix of tropical and temperate marine life, so you'll see vibrant coral reefs, plenty of fish, and maybe even a turtle or two. If you're lucky, you might spot some migrating whales. The clear waters and diverse marine life make it a perfect place for underwater photography and just enjoying nature.

If you're after a more laid-back day, the North Coast's rivers and estuaries are perfect for a chilled-out cruise or a fishing trip. Take the Richmond River, for example. It's a great spot for a lazy day on the water, with calm waters that meander through beautiful landscapes and charming towns like Ballina and Woodburn. You can cast a line for some bream, flathead, and whiting or just relax and enjoy the scenery.


North Coast Parks with Boat Ramps

Boat Hire

If you don't have a boat of your own, there are facilities near most Reflections parks that you can hire a boat from. It's important to remember that in NSW, boat licenses are required to drive a powerboat or sailing boat using its engine at 10 knots or more, while a PWC license is required to hire and drive any personal watercraft. Hiring companies may also have their own requirements in addition to these licenses.

Safety equipment to remember

Before setting off, please read over general boat safety guidelines and familiarise yourself with your boat's safety equipment. Weather conditions can change quickly on the water, so always stay aware of your surroundings and remain prepared.

Some things to bring when going boating, especially in remote areas:

  • Life jackets for all passengers
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Anchor and rope
  • Emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB)
  • First aid kits
  • Navigation equipment

With a little preparation and a booking at a Reflections Holiday Park, you'll have no problem getting out onto the water this summer!

Frequently asked questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’re here to help. Get in touch here.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’re here to help. Get in touch below.
Where can I park my boat

Some parks and accommodation types offer specific boat parking or extra-long driveways perfect for boats. Other smaller parks may request you to park your boat outside the park. Private mooring is also an option, perfect if you go back to the same park regularly.

Do you have to wear a life jacket in NSW?

Everyone should wear a lifejacket on a Personal Watercraft

Where can I go fishing in NSW?

The NSW coastline is perfect for beach or boat fishing, while country NSW offers a plethora of Perch and Murray Cod