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Five things you might not know about Wyangala Dam

26 Nov 2019
5 minutes

Whether you stay at Reflections Holiday Parks Grabine Lakeside or Wyangala Waters, you’re spoilt for choice on the shores of Wyangala Dam. Wyangala Dam is renowned as a water enthusiast’s playground. Fishing, water-skiing, canoeing and kayaking, jet-skiing and more will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to fun.

But did you know there’s more to Wyangala Dam than meets the eye? Impress your mates around the campfire and share some of these lesser-known facts about your favourite holiday spot.

There might be gold in them hills

The story goes that in 1862, bushranger Frank Gardiner staged a dramatic robbery at Eugowra Rocks, robbing a ‘gold escort’ carrying thousands of pounds of gold and cash.

The rumour states Gardiner convinced the other gang members to bury their share of the gold in a mountain cave near Wyangala. He was to give them a signal when it was safe to recover the gold. However, Gardiner was imprisoned and then exiled to the United States. The signal never occurred and the gold never recovered. Where might it be?

Dam, this lake is big

REAL big. Wyangala Dam can hold more than 1.2 million megalitres, more than twice the size of Sydney Harbour. At its highest point, the structure of the dam rises to 85m, more than a 25-storey building. And with a base width of 304m, it is equal to the size of 15 cricket pitches (State Water Corporation, 2009).

Thousands of fingerlings

Each year tens of thousands of Murray cod and golden perch fingerlings are released in the Wyangala Dam. This is part of a native fish stocking plan by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. So when you stay at Reflections Holiday Parks Grabine Lakeside or Wyangala Waters, make sure to bring the fishing tackle. This is a dam that’s FLUSH with fish!

Keeping things growing

Water from Wyangala Dam irrigates all manner of crops - from cereals and oilseeds to legumes and cotton. The wine regions of Cowra (worth a visit!) also make use of the irrigation from the mighty Wyangala Dam.

It’s all water over the dam

Wyangala Dam is the second oldest dam built for irrigation in NSW, with construction beginning in 1928 (Burrinjuck Dam is the oldest and we just happen to have a park there too!). Wyangala was completed in 1935 and then expanded in 1971.

So there you have it; five things about Wyangala Dam you may not have known before. Get up close and personal with this beautiful body of water when you stay at Reflections Grabine Lakeside or Reflections Wyangala Waters.