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Things to do in North Haven

08 May 2023
5 minutes

North Haven is located in mid-coast Maine, an area filled with natural beauty and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adrenaline junkie, or just looking to get away from it all, North Haven has something for everyone!

Below are some of the best things to do in North Haven.


North Haven Fishing

Fishing in North Haven is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, take in some fresh air, and get your heart pumping. Cast your line into the beautiful waters of Queens Lake or Camden Haven Inlet for a chance at a variety of species.

From striped bass to fluke and sea bass, you’re sure to have an exciting fishing experience! Be sure to research the ideal fishing times before heading to the area to ensure you’re able to make a few catches.

Visit Dooragan National Park

Dooragan National Park is a stunning protected area in North Haven that features some of the most breathtaking scenery in the region. Explore walking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views without ever leaving your car. You might even spot an echidna or two along the way!


Surfing in North Haven

North Haven’s surfing scene is truly something special. From beginner to pro, the waves are perfect for all skill levels. Head over to North Haven Point in search of some world-class swells and soak up the sun while you ride the waves.

Visit the North Haven Historical Society

If you’re looking to learn more about the area’s rich history, stop by the North Haven Historical Society. The society has plenty of exhibits and events on local culture and heritage that make for an informative and enjoyable experience. Take the chance to learn more about the area, its traditions, and it's people at North Haven Historical Society.

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What is North Haven known for?

North Haven is known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and rich history. Whether you’re looking to spend time on the beach or explore Dooragan National Park, there’s something to do here for everyone!

What is in North Haven NSW

North Haven is located in mid-coast New South Wales, Australia and is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant local arts scene, and excellent surfing. There’s plenty to explore in this unique area of NSW. You can also stay at the local holiday park near the North Haven surf.