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Top Nature Activities in Brunswick Heads NSW

30 Apr 2023
5 minutes

Nature’s gifts are often taken for granted, but connecting with nature is beneficial on so many levels. It uplifts our moods. Quietens the mind. Boosts creativity. Add in healthy doses of vitamin D, increased physical activity and improved sleep and it’s easy to see why nature is something we should all be striving to get more of.

But it’s not just about going outside, although that is a good start. It’s about being present and using all your senses. Smelling the flowers. Noticing the subtle hues of the water. Taking off your shoes and feeling the sand between your toes. Tasting the salt on your lips after a refreshing ocean swim and listening to the call of the gulls as they fly overhead.

Here are some of our top tips for reconnecting with nature when you stay at Reflections Brunswick Heads.

Go for a walk

Whether it’s strolling along the breakwall to the ocean or exploring the rainforest trails of Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve, walking is a simple and low-cost way to connect with nature. Take off your shoes on sandy paths and pay attention to the sounds, smells and sights around you.

Get snapping

Photography forces you to stop, look, frame and focus. It doesn’t matter if all you’ve got is a camera phone; if you’re outside and aware of your surroundings – from a beautiful sunset to a close-up of a delicate seashell – then you’re reaping the natural rewards.


Watch for wildlife

There’s something humbling about seeing animals thriving in their natural environment. Whales breaching as they make their way to warmer waters. Rainbow bee-eaters flittering in and out of shrubs and trees. Goannas roaming the river banks. Brunswick Heads is a treasure trove of native animals. Go outside and see what you can see.

Be active

We all know the importance of exercise, but exercising outdoors brings double the benefits. There are many ways to get active in nature at Brunswick Heads. Jump on a bike. Hire a canoe and explore the Brunswick River. Go for a surf or simply swim and snorkel in Simpsons Creek. Whatever your fitness, whatever your interest, you’re bound to find an extra spring in your step.

Star gaze

If you’re a regular camper then you know how bright the stars can be away from harsh city lights. Whether you’re sleeping in a tent, travelling in a caravan or RV, or bunking down in a cabin, there’s nothing like sitting back at the end of the day, looking up at that field of stars, to feel better connected with the universe.


Reap the benefits of a rekindled connection with nature. Book your stay at Reflections Brunswick Heads and be a happier, healthier you.