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Our top tips on surfing the NSW waves

16 Nov 2023
5 minutes

Whether you're a pro surfer or a novice on the board, we have some super easy surfing tips for you to keep in mind the next time you’re heading out for a surf!

🌊 Get the right type of board for your level!

Large boards such as foam boards offer greater stability for learning the basics!


🌊 The wave peak is where its at

Try generating more speed and power by taking off deeper or at the peak of the wave. Depending on the wave this can be more challenging so don’t attempt anything you're not confident with!

🌊 Where you look is where you’re going

When attempting maneuvers remember to eye down the section of the wave you want and turn your head the way you want the board to move.

🌊 Who has the right of way?

Knowing whether you have the right of way to catch the next way can be confusing! The general rule is the surfers furthest out, or closest to where the wave breaks first, has priority.

🌊 Take 3 for the sea

Grab any beach rubbish on the way home! Take 3 for the sea is a great rule to strive for cleaner beaches!

🌊 Stay sun safe

Remember to stay sun safe with some sunscreen or zinc.

There you have it, top tips for making the most of your surfing experience! Looking for more surfing info, check out surfing tips for beginners at Scotts Head, and a history of surfing in the Byron Bay region


Top spots to surf in NSW and whare to stay

With 39 properties spread across New South Wales, we have some accommodation near some of the best surfing hotspots that the state has to offer:

Surf events in NSW

NSW also features some must-do, annual, surf events. Check out the new Reflections Cadet Cup powered by Surfest, Surfest Newcastle and Surfing NSW for all the latest dates and events.