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Make memories together at Shaws Bay

08 May 2023
5 minutes

Life was meant for great friends and even greater adventures. And whilst it’s nice to embrace some solitude while on holiday – whether it’s enjoying a page-turner or strolling the beach with your thoughts for company – it’s the shared activities that will leave their mark as treasured holiday memories.

When you stay at Reflections Shaws Bay in Ballina, you’ll find plenty of options for activities to enjoy with your friends, family and park neighbours. Here’s a few of our favourites.

1.Go on a fishing tour

Gather some of your fellow fishing fans and enjoy a five-hour fishing adventure from a beautiful 4WD beach with Paul’s Fishing. These small group tours include pick up and drop off, fishing tuition, all bait and tackle, licences and permits and plenty of stories about the one that got away.

2.Learn something new

What better way to bond than to try something new together? Whether it’s learning to surf on the sheltered inlets of Shaws Bay with Kool Katz Surf School, or hiring a kayak or SUP and paddling along the Richmond River, you’ll never forget the thrills, spills and splashes of your first attempts.


3.Uncover nature’s finest

See the very best of the Ballina and Byron Bay area and its breathtaking natural environment with Vision Walk’s range of small group tours. From their night vision rainforest walks (complete with military grade night vision goggles) to their hinterland tours, you won’t forget this in a hurry.

4.Help coastal wildlife

Visit the Australian Seabird Rescue, Research, Rehabilitation and Coastal Education Centre in Ballina and learn about the human impact on the environment. Meet the animals in their care and discover what you can do to support their efforts in coastal wildlife conservation.

5.Go to the pub

When all else fails, go to the pub and shout your mates a round. The Shaws Bay Hotel is right next to the Shaws Bay Holiday Park, with its pretty surrounds and friendly atmosphere the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon spent with some of your favourite people.


Bonding with family and friends is a valuable part of the holiday experience. Be sure to schedule at least one or two activities that you know will pique the interest of your fellow travellers. After all, that’s the stuff holiday memories are made of.