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Fun Facts & Activities About Seal Rocks, NSW

18 Oct 2018
5 minutes

Whether you’re a Seal Rocks regular, or have yet to visit this corner of the NSW Great Lakes, here are five facts about this small town coastal paradise.

Whether you’re a Seal Rocks Holiday Park regular, or have yet to visit this gorgeous part of the Great Lakes, here are five interesting facts about the small town that leaves a big impression.

1.Sugarloaf Lighthouse’s unique design

Standing on a dramatic headland east of the village, it’s hard to miss Sugarloaf Lighthouse. Built in 1875, it is one of only two towers in Australia with an external stairway. Its sweet name obscures the area’s dramatic history, with 20 wrecks occurring since it was built, including the wreck of the SS Catterthun in 1895 where 31 lives were lost.


2. The movie-star connections at Seal Rocks

In 2013 Seal Rocks was the shoot location for the movie ‘Adore’, starring Robin Wright, Naomi Watts and Ben Mendelsohn. Some believe the breathtaking landscapes were the real stars of the show and the profile of Seal Rocks grew considerably following the movie’s release.

3. It’s named after its resident furry critters

This one’s probably not that surprising. Australian fur seals were very common in the area in the 1800s, but the population has since declined due to hunting and entanglements. Fortunately, it appears they are making a recovery and sightings in the area are increasingly common.

4. There’s more than Number One

Reflections Holiday Parks Seal Rocks has direct access to Number One beach, famous for its surfing, fishing and general loveliness. But did you know there’s also a Number Two? Also known as Boat Beach, Number Two is a snorkelling and diving paradise, perfect for the kids to have a paddle.

5. Dive with the sharks

Seal Rocks is one of NSW’s most iconic diving hotspots; famous for its grey nurse shark populations, underwater caves and shipwrecks just waiting to be explored. Apparently, it’s as beautiful below the water as it is above!


So now you’re armed with this insider knowledge, there’s only one thing left to do. Book your stay at Reflections Seal Rocks and see why people return time and time again.