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Relaxing nature activities for your Red Rock holiday

08 May 2023
5 minutes

Inner peace and tranquillity is not always easy to get (or to keep for that matter) but holidays are the perfect chance to give your inner-self some much needed TLC. Especially when you holiday in stunning natural surrounds, such as those at Reflections Red Rock.

Red Rock is a quaint coastal village just 30 minutes north of Coffs Harbour. It’s the stuff of holiday dreams - isolated beaches, crystal clear rivers, beautiful flora and fauna, a relaxed, chilled atmosphere; your biggest decision will be whether to have fish and chips or a BBQ for lunch.

But how do you ensure you go home with that special holiday glow? By enjoying the things that make Red Rock so very special - and by doing so mindfully and with a sense of gratitude. It won’t be hard to feel grateful in such beautiful surroundings … trust us!

Schedule some star-gazing

There aren’t many lights in Red Rock. It’s a village of less than 300 people after all. This means spectacular stars and lots of them. These are stars that leave city-folk breathless and you could spend hours gazing upon their beauty. Yep, it can make you feel kind of small and subsequently question the meaning of life, the universe and everything, but that’s the point, right?

Watch for whales

Each year from May to November thousands of whales make their way along the humpback highway. Migrating north to warmer waters to breed, they then making the return trip with calves in tow. Stroll over to the headland at Red Rock, find a comfy spot with your binoculars at the ready and marvel at this extraordinary phenomenon.


Do the Red Rock Float

Drift with the tranquil tide at Red Rock and have some fun with the ‘Red Rock Float’. This involves floating on the tidal current from Little Beach to the boat ramp (or vice versa if the tide is going out) which is about 600 meters and takes about 20 minutes. Lie back, relax and let the crystal-clear water take you where you need to go.

Look at the birds

Red Rock is a bird watcher’s dream, with plenty of striking and rare birds fluttering their way around the heath and waterways. Slow down the mind with a gentle stroll, or just sit quietly and take some time to notice the birds you see. Jot down notes, consult a field guide and savour the chance to appreciate nature’s winged-wonders.

Take a stroll

Walking is good for the mind, body and soul and Red Rock has plenty of walks to enjoy. Wander along the boardwalk and look out over the river, or stroll up to the headland and appreciate the amazing views - including the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Or for something a bit more challenging, try tackling the 10km Angourie Coastal Walk.


So if you’re looking to tap into your inner zen-master, may we suggest a holiday to Reflections Red Rock? You’re bound to feel cool, calm and composed, with a blissful post-holiday glow to stand you in good stead when you return to the everyday.