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What to pack when camping with your dog in NSW

05 May 2023
5 minutes

But travelling with pets requires planning, and there are things you should check and pack before you load them into the car for their big adventure. Here are our top tips for travelling with pets on a camping or caravanning holiday.

1.Check first

Not all parks in the Reflections Holiday Parks family are the same. Some don’t allow pets, some are pet-friendly on their camping and caravan sites, whilst others have pet-friendly cabins complete with enclosed yards. So check before you arrive, and review our policy for more details on bringing your pet to a Reflections Holiday Park.

2.Safe and secure

It’s a legal requirement in NSW to keep your pet restrained, and there are hefty fines if you’re caught with a car-roaming pet. There are plenty of options for restraints, from harnesses to carriers, so make sure you’ve got the right equipment before you head off.

3.Stock up on food

Some Reflections Holiday Parks are more remote than others, so if Fido only eats a certain type of food, stock up before you head out. Also make sure to bring plenty of treats. They’ll be excited and out of their routine, and there’s nothing like a piece of beef jerky to return some order to the chaos.

4.Hydration stations

Sand. Salt. Heat. Yep – your pup is going to need plenty of fresh water. We suggest leaving a large container in the car for thirsty pets. Collapsible bowls are also handy when travelling. Take one out with you every time you leave the park and refill from your own bottle.

5.Ticks, scrapes and general first-aid

Paralysis ticks can be deadly, so check your pets every day and look for signs of toxicity. Blue bottle stings, cut paws, sandy eyes, and mysterious things ingested are other coastal hazards that may all require first aid attention.


6.Keep ‘em clean

Dogs are happiest when they are the grubbiest, but sand in tents and caravans is a kill-joy. Thankfully, many of Reflections Holiday Parks (including Mylestom) have dog-baths, so you can keep them clean and your abode sand-free. Temporarily at least.

7.Abide by the rules

The rules for dogs on beaches vary considerably. Some don’t permit dogs, some are for leashed dogs only, some are leash-free at certain times, and others (like the one at Mylestom) are always leash-free. It helps to know what the situation is, so ask your park host when booking.

8.Packing for pooch

These guys practically need their own suitcase! Remember to pack bedding, toys, bowls, harnesses and leads, poo bags, shampoo and dog brush, a towel and first-aid supplies.

9.Have you got ID?

It would be terrible if your pet got lost on holiday, and it would be even worse if they weren’t wearing their collar and name tag. And if your pet isn’t microchipped, now’s the time to get it done.

10.Consider their temperament

Not all pets are cut out for travelling. Some dogs bark incessantly or get aggressive. Some cannot handle the change in routine. You know your pet best, so only you can decide whether bringing your pooch will make your holiday even better, or a lot harder.


Are you ready for ‘walkies’ in new and exciting places? Book your stay at Mylestom, or check out the entire range of Reflections Holiday Parks and look for our dog-friendly options.