Outsiders Club

Join the Club at Lake Keepit

08 May 2023
5 minutes

Lake Keepit Soaring Club

Lake Keepit is famous for its soaring. Located on the edge of Lake Keepit State Park, the Lake Keepit Soaring Club (LKSC) offers air experience flights, glider training courses, competitions and more. The weather conditions and the varied terrain make it an ideal spot for gliding and you’ll regularly see the sailplanes drifting silently above the Lake Keepit Holiday Park.

Lake Keepit Sailing Club

The still, glass-like waters of Lake Keepit are practically made for sailing. The Lake Keepit Sailing Club is an inland sailing club offering regattas, social trips and introductory courses. Members can hire boats for cruising on Keepit Dam and the clubhouse can be hired for functions and events.

Lake Keepit Family Fishing Club

What lurks beneath those glass-like waters of Lake Keepit? Fish - lots of them. Lake Keepit is famous for its fishing, with Silver and Yellow Perch, Murray Cod and even Catfish all waiting to bite. The Lake Keepit Family Fishing Club offers monthly club competitions and likes nothing better than getting kids involved in the great sport of angling.

If you’re into soaring, sailing or scouting for fish, these clubs located within Lake Keepit State Park could be just the ticket for fun times, some healthy competition and even new mates. Check them out when you book your stay at Reflections Holiday Parks Lake Keepit.