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A punter's perspective on the Gravity Eden Mountain Bike Park

13 Dec 2023
5 minutes

Explore Gravity Eden Mountain Bike Park in Eden, nestled within the coastal peaks on the Sapphire Coast. With over 58km of premium trails, riders of all levels can enjoy machine-built singletrack adventures. From deep forest trails to ocean vistas, the park offers diverse terrains and exciting descents. Enjoy green, blue, and black trails, plus a pump track and dirt jump park at the trailhead.

Nearby public toilets are available, and camping/cabin accommodation is not far at Reflections Holidays Eden. Don't miss the chance to discover Eden's beauty and history while you're here. Located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, and just 3.5 hours from Canberra, it's the perfect spot for a biking getaway!

Our own Alisa Wells checked out this new mountain bike paradise...


From a young age, I’ve loved riding my bike.

From the first feelings of freedom when dropping the training wheels, to now with lung-busting efforts in cold morning air while the sun rises, bikes are my happy place. These days it would be fair to call myself more of a bike ‘enthusiast’, with more time spent looking at my humble collection, gathering more dust than kilometers. The regular nagging thoughts of ‘I need to get out more’ most often don’t eventuate as life’s busyness takes over.

The opportunity to be one of the first to check out the recently opened Gravity Eden mountain bike trails gave me that kick I needed. Loaded up with my bike and all the gear (safety first these days as my riding ability likely doesn’t match my enthusiasm), I headed down to Eden on the far NSW south coast, known as the Sapphire Coast for its sparkling blue waters and rugged coastline.


The new trail network consists of around 58km of expertly constructed twists, turns and jumps that have transformed the Nullica State Forest into an absolute riding wonderland. Trails are sectioned into 3 zones Gravity, Flow, and adventure catering for all ages and abilities. Akin to a ski field, trails are assigned a colour rating for the level of difficulty; green, blue, and black with each providing a different experience for the rider. I spent a few hours rolling solo through the lower zones on some super fun warm-up trails surrounded by lush rainforest. After testing my confidence, I took on a few more flowy gravity-fed runs that started testing my technical ability. Thankfully I stayed upright and had an absolute blast!


Friends of mine, Kez & Jo basking in their smugness of recent e-bike purchases, booked their camping trip to Eden immediately on hearing the trails were open. For the uninitiated, an e-bike provides pedal assistance on the dreaded uphill sections, essentially meaning you get to pedal less, and ride more while us ‘analouge’ riders grit our teeth, wave and smile as they cruise on past. They spent 3 days of uninterrupted riding, exploring the far reaches of the trail network that my legs and lungs could only dream of going in the few short hours I had.

For those without electrical assistance, the aptly named ‘round the outside’ trail will still take you where you need to go, circling the entire network with amazing views along the way providing the perfect excuse for a few rest breaks to take in the scenery. Even better, local operators will soon commence shuttle services, enabling a great day out for all riders who love the downhill more than the uphill.


Despite our varied experiences, the verdict from all of us was unanimous, we can’t wait to be back!

The town of Eden is the big winner here. Impacted by bushfires a few years ago, the trails are the result of a community coming together and looking towards the future. With such a great tourism initiative, that future is looking bright.

As they say, life’s better outside, I’d say it's twice as good when on two wheels. I made the ride back waved off by a small group of wallabies on the size of the gravel road, likely curious about my red face and silly grin. I was once again in my happy place.

Looking for accommodation near The Gravity Eden Bike Trail?

Eden Holiday Park is only 10 minutes from the start of the trail and features a range of cabins, powered sites, and unpowered sites, perfect for every adventurer.