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Switch Off & Relax with Reflections Holiday Parks

10 May 2023
5 minutes

Growing up holidays in a caravan park were once a rite of passage. The family car would pull up at a beautiful spot, and the caravan would be connected or the tent pitched near the water. With no screens or Wi-Fi to be found within minutes the kids would be running through the park, playing hide and seek with newfound friends. Instead of playing Candy Crush on their iPhones or catching up with the latest hit show on Netflix, families would gather round a board game and enjoy the smell of snags cooking on the communal barbeque which would waft through the park at sunset.

Feeling nostalgic for this great Aussie tradition? Well, the good news is these parks are still here – and they’ve been upgraded. From unpowered sites amongst the bush to deluxe cabins by the sea we’ve got you covered.

With 81% of smartphone users reported to have their phones on 24/7 we think it’s time you switch off, relax and enjoy a tech free trip in a stunning NSW location. Connect with your loved ones, not your Wi-Fi.

If you find yourself inspired to go on a digital detox at our parks, follow these tips to ensure the holiday goes forward without a hitch!


Set up your out of office -

Set up an auto out of office response and voicemail on your phone so that people related to your work won’t hound you with endless requests. This may not stop the first email or phone call but it will certainly stop repeat contact from that person when they know you are offline.

Leave the devices at home -

If you can leave everything at home but we recognise that in the Internet age that can be difficult! If going cold turkey is too hard, or if wet weather is on the horizon, try limiting yourself to one device for emergency use only. This works great with kids too. Tell them they can only bring one thing - phone, tablet, console or laptop. At least when the battery dies, you will have some free time!

Introduce time limits -

If you can’t manage to be without your device at least limit it to a particular time of day. Perhaps limit yourself to night time usage, which means you have to be outside during the day enjoying the sunshine. If the kids are struggling without their regular tech time try setting strict limits - if out for a meal at night time, allow them to enjoy some time on phones or consoles while you enjoy a nice bottle of red!


Pack alternative entertainment -

There are plenty of tech free options to try – from books, magazines, board games, or even a simple walk through the wilderness! You’re on holiday to relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, so why not go down the ‘old fashioned’ route and take some time to bond over a game of Scrabble. And we all know there is nothing better than a good book - once you start reading you’ll forget all about your Facebook feed! Try packing some arts and crafts materials and get creative with the kids, it will be a great distraction when they start getting restless.

Tell friends about your plans -

So they know where you are and won’t bother you on social media. If there is an absolute emergency give close friends and family the contact details of the park so they can get in touch with you.

Buy maps and local visitor guides -

These will help you plan your trip and help avoid the temptation of going online once you arrive at your destination. Alternatively do the research of top attractions and eateries in your holiday destination before you arrive and print out your findings before you leave.


Before too long you’ll forget all about your devices, and discover that it’s much better to sit with your family and friends by a campfire gazing at the stars than it is to be sitting in your lounge room staring at a screen.

So what are you waiting for? Pack away your devices and meet us at the parks – we’ll be the ones with marshmallows waiting to roast on that open fire.