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All the gear and no idea – A Beginner’s Guide to Camping

05 May 2023
5 minutes

So you have a love for the great outdoors. Is it a little hum in your heart that starts when you think of nature? If you have been thinking about taking a camping trip, then now could be the perfect time to really get back to nature. There’s a few things you need that are completely necessary, so if you are not sure what to take camping, then we’ve got you covered with what you need to bring and know.

You need a tent


The basic necessities of camping start with a tent. If you are aiming to try the holiday option before settling on a full kit, try a simple dome tent for a budget option to begin with. Double check it comes with pegs, otherwise make sure you grab some of those as well.

You should check that the tent is waterproof and always pack a tarpaulin in case of any unexpected rainfall.

You can check out Anaconda or BCF for endless tent options!

You need a location or destination


This is the hardest part about getting started with your camping adventures! With so many places to choose from it can be overwhelming where the perfect place to pitch a tent and make the most of a getaway. Lucky for you, Reflections has 37 parks across New South Wales so when it comes to camping for beginners we have you covered.

For a bush camping experience you can take to Cudgegong River in Country NSW. Bush camping relaxes the mind and lifts the spirt, and you’ll be closer to nature then ever with the abundance of wild life at Cudgegong.

If you are looking to ease into camping you might want to consider a powered site close to local attractions, cafes and shops. Reflections Forster Beach is right by the main beach with the main street just a short stroll away, so you can enjoy your camping experience while also having the luxuries of all having everything like cafes and entertainment nearby.

Remember the food, glorious food


Camp cooking is one of the best parts of a camping adventure. Whether it’s using one of the communal barbeques or a fire for cooking, camp cooking can be fun and gives you the chance to make something you normally wouldn’t at home!

It’s a good idea to take some non-perishables if you aren’t going to be on a powered site to keep the hunger at bay in case if you forget the more delicious items. Think baked beans, soups and spaghetti to get you through. If you’re a keen cook though, we suggest taking an eski or camp fridge for the more delicious items.

You’ll also need a few utensils to get you by – think tongs, a spoon for mixing, a fork for eating.

If you need some inspiration on what to cook when getting back to nature, you can check out the Reflections blog for more camp kitchen recipes.

Torches or lights


Never underestimate the power of a head torch. These little guys will make your back-to-nature experience a whole lot easier after the sun goes down and you are searching for a midnight snack or trying to find your sleeping bag as you rummage around in your tent.

Head torches are also great for nighttime adventure whether it be wildlife spotting or if you are finishing a hike as the sun goes down. Let’s not forget how good they are when you want to kick back and read your book while you’re camping.

Take only photos, leave only foot prints


When it comes to camping in nature the best thing you can do is continue to admire it and leave no trace of your visit. It’s important that you are conscious of your surrounds when you are camping, no matter the location or destination. Take photos, make memories, but remember whatever you bring camping must also be returned home with you. In short, take all your rubbish with you on your departure and leave your campsite the way you found it so everyone can enjoy nature at its best!

For more camping inspiration, check out our adventures on the blog.