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Relaxing activities for your Ballina holiday

30 Apr 2023
5 minutes

We all know the saying, 'the simple things in life are often the best'. Whether it's a spectacular sunset, a good night's sleep or spending quality time with loved ones, it's the simple things that can make a significant impact on our mood and well-being.

Discovering new places, spending time in nature, making new friends; all of these activities have been proven to boost happiness levels, much more than purchasing the latest TV or a fancy car.

So what better way to boost your happiness than hitting the road and setting the GPS to somewhere small and simple like Reflections Ballina?

Here are some of the simple pleasures that await at Reflections Ballina.


Located opposite the boat ramp into the Richmond River, it's a breeze to get out for a fun morning waiting for the fish to chew.

Nature walks:

Put on the walking shoes and head to Lighthouse Beach for a sandy stroll. Or meander the banks of the Richmond River and admire the sculptures in Fawcett Park.

Pedal power:

Ballina is heaven for cyclists. Hire a bike, or bring your own and explore the town's extensive network of cycleways and shared paths.


Scenic drives:

Head north to Byron Bay, go south to Evans Head, or journey inland and enjoy the green rolling hills and charming country towns of the hinterland.

Wining and dining:

Whether it's the hearty fare at the Ballina RSL Club, or the delicious treats at the Ballina Gallery Cafe, it's all about good food and good company.

Meeting new friends:

Ballina Holiday Park is small and intimate, so it's easy to get to know your neighbours. Catch up for happy hour in our fantastic camp kitchen.


It's the simple things that are the most memorable. Forget the bells and whistles and get back to basics at Reflections Ballina.