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Kitchen to Table - Cooking Classes

The owners of Kitchen to Table, Scott & Meredith Morschel share a love of good food and quality kitchenware products (in the retail store). Meredith is a self-taught cook and she presents cooking classes in the home-style kitchen as a way to share simple, delicious recipes and ideas with like-minded people who have a love of food and eating. Meredith likes to create a sense of ‘community’ so you feel comfortable to approach her about anything to do with food or the products, they offer in the shop. In the early part of 2013, she stepped up to the plate and presented her first cooking class. She also hosts small-group food tours in magical Morocco and regional Italy. The focus is on locally sourced, seasonal produce as much as possible. Meredith is an avid supporter of local business so will try to purchase the meat from the butcher, the fruit and vegetables from the local farmers market, and the bread from the baker.

22 Coldstream Street,

Yamba NSW 2464
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