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Social Impact

We are a business for good

Reflections is not your average holiday park group. That’s because we are the first and only holiday park group in Australia that is certified as a social enterprise.

That means we do business for good.

Our profits go back into the Crown land we manage to protect and nurture it. We help communities to look after the patch of nature we all share together.

If our business grows, so too do the local communities in which we operate. It’s that simple.

Community is at the heart of what we do

Our purpose is to share nature’s playground with our guests in a way that gives back to communities.

What it all comes down to for us is community. Community is at the centre of our decision-making. Our staff are part of the unique and diverse communities we live and work on, and for which we care deeply.

We’re accountable and contactable because we are a part of communities everywhere we operate, and we’ll always put them first.


We support local business and communities

We don’t compete with local businesses, either. You won’t see us launching a restaurant or posh bar in our parks. Rather, we aim to attract nature lovers and travellers who plan day trips and overnight stays in our parks, which brings flow-on revenue for the hard-working, small businesses nearby.

We have recently partnered with the ATDW to bring local business listings to the fingertips of our guests, promoting local events, attractions, where to eat and drink, and local tours near our parks.

When we do capital works to improve our parks, it brings job opportunities for communities. Learn more about our new park developments.

The road to B Corp

It’s our aim to become the first accredited B Corp holiday park provider, generating $2.4m in economic value for NSW by 2030.

Achieving this means meeting pretty high standards of social and environmental performance – but we are up for that challenge.


What is social enterprise?

  • Social Enterprises are businesses whose main purpose is the common good, helping community, improving community facilities and protecting the environment though sustainable goods and initiatives.
  • Our purpose is to share nature’s playground with our guests in a way that gives back to communities.
  • We are the only group of holiday parks that look after community parks and reserves for the people of NSW and for visitors to these amazing regions.
  • We are a business for good, supporting other businesses within the social enterprise family and creating a positive impact.